This is a Dungeons and Dragons campaign set in a homemade setting using the 5th Edition ruleset. Unlike most D&D settings that use a late Medieval to early Renaissance time frame, this take inspiration from the early modern period of Europe, chiefly the works of Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo. In this world, monsters and magic live alongside technological wonders like firearms and the printing press. Kings worry more about new philosophies on freedom and the rights of men igniting their subjects into revolution than they do rampaging hordes of orcs. The ruins and caverns of old may be empty, but adventure still lies in Gothic cathedrals where dark priests corrupt their eager-for-reformation followers, and in the uncharted, “uncivilized” forests outside colonies built upon far shores. Can good still triumph when evil is no longer a snarling, fire-eyed beast, but instead a charismatic man who bends the direction of a new government to his own nefarious goals while claiming it’s “for the people”? Join to find out! Both new and experienced players welcome

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One For All, All For One