Here is a guide to the various playable races in . These guides are a guildeline to how the average member of these races acts and is treated, but players are free to deviate when making characters.

The most common race in . It would not be an exaggeration to say that 90% of the civilized world consists of humans without any magical or other supernatural abilities. As such, humans dominate the economic, scientific, and political spheres of the world. In fact, only humans of all the races have fully adapted to this new technologically enlightened world. They can be found as almost any profession or class, excepting a few archetypes with a racial bias.

The hardy but short people from under the mountains, dwarves were once a common sight in . However, in response to the growing social and political crises, and the rise of technologies, many dwarf clans have sealed the entrances to their underground cities and cut off all ties to the surface. Now only those clans too small to survive on their own and the individuals exiled from their clans remain. Dwarves are frequently seen in martial roles, such as fighters and barbarians, but rarely take up dexterous or magical professions.

When the Good People stood against the hordes of darkness many centuries ago, the never before seen elves came from deep in the forests to aid their cause. Ever since, they have remained a constant fringe presence in the world, never taking an active role in politics but never being much affected by it either. Much like dwarves, the elves of the world have returned to their glittering cities among the trees, but treat those who still try to visit much harsher. Elves are natural spellcasters and have fast hands, but lack the durability to fight on the front lines and rarely worship any other than their own god.

No real legends exist about halflings, they have always been just background players on the great stage of life. Nevertheless, without their work ethic and easy going nature, the great armies of the world would likely have starved in boredom and sobriety. Halflings have no communities of their own, but are never unwelcome in human towns and cities. Halflings rarely become adventurers, but when they do, they tend to choose roles that let them sneak about or talk their way out of a fight.



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