Character Creation

(All choices subject to DM approval. If you would like an exception to any of the below, I will grant it pending a good enough reason.)

Roll for stats, 3d6 six times assigned by your choice. If you do 3d6 “down the line” (automatically assign them going down your character sheet) you will receive a bonus at the start tailored to your character.

Starting level for this campaign is 3. If creating a character after the start of the campaign, your level will be adjusted closer to the lowest level achieved in the party (no lower than 3).

Starting wealth is 800 gold. Anything from the player’s handbook may be purchased following the guidelines below:
No individual item above 400 gold.
No magical items.
Flintlock pistols may be purchased for 300 gold for the pistol, 2 gold per round of ammunition.
Property, lifestyles, and henchman must be paid 10x their monthly rate at the start, and then regular after that.
Any amount of money can be put into a bank or invested into a joint-stock trade company. Ask DM for details.

Any race or class is allowed, however, with the exception of humans, fighters, and rogues, all races and classes are first come, first serve (for example, if someone is already playing a elf wizard, you can not choose to be an elf or a wizard.) Please read the Race and Class guides before choosing, as several flavor elements are different from the core rules and there will be roleplaying consequences for some choices.

Any alignment can be chosen, but your character must be mostly cooperative with the rest of the group.

Character Creation

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